Heat Sealer Replacement Parts

While Valdamark’s heat sealers are some of the most reliable machines in the UK, they will occasionally need to repaired or have their consumables replaced with fresh replacement parts.

Here at Valdamark, we can provide a wide range of specific replacement parts for heat sealer machines, vacuum sealers and industry-leading vacuum chambers.

Our commercial heat sealers are designed to offer many years’ reliable service. However, intensive use will wear out the consumable parts of any sealing machine, whether you’re using a Hawo bagging machine or another premium device.

Here, we look at some of the most common consumables for heat sealers, and which spare parts you’re likely to need when your machine starts to experience operational issues.

Heating Replacement Parts

While heat sealers are incredibly reliable, sometimes, you will need to replace consumable parts to ensure consistent quality of sealing and prevent your machine from sustaining serious damage. Some of the most common heating replacement parts that you’re likely to require include:

  • Heating Elements – Heating elements are the parts of the heat sealer machine which will actually heat up during the sealing process. This often takes the form of a wire, which becomes heated and is used to melt the sealing material together. Over time, this wire can become worn, misshapen or damage the surrounding cover, meaning it needs to be replaced. In some instances, you may notice that the wire itself becomes disengaged from the heating elements within the machine, preventing it from heating up at all.
  • Teflon Covers – In many cases, the heating elements are actually covered with a Teflon sleeve. This helps to protect the wire from damage and wear, as well as providing a consistent level of heat during use. These Teflon covers will eventually need replacing, as they can become worn or start to split. If the Teflon cover (or other heat resistant cover) becomes damaged, it can prevent your system from heating efficiently or, in some cases, even heating at all.
  • Thermostats – In order for your heat sealer to function safely & correctly, it needs to be able to maintain a consistent temperature. This is done with the help of a thermostat, which monitors the internal temperature and kicks in the heating element when necessary. If your heat sealer isn’t maintaining a consistent temperature or is having difficulty reaching the correct sealing temperature, then the thermostat may need replacing.
  • Heat-resistant Silicone Tubing – Your heat-resistant silicone tubing, often referred to as layflat tubing, is an essential component in your heat sealer. It is used to connect the heating elements to the power source and helps to ensure that heat is distributed evenly throughout the machine. Over time, this tubing can become damaged or split, meaning it will need replacing.

These parts are all subject to wear and tear, and will need to be replaced on a regular basis. Depending on the model of heat sealer you’re using, you may also need to replace other parts. For example, if you regularly use a continuous heat sealer, it is possible that the feeding mechanism can cease to work correctly.

In this instance, your machine will fail to feed the sealing material or heating bags into the heating element properly, resulting in improperly sealed bags, or even no sealed bags at all.

When Do I Need to Replace My Heat Sealer Machine?

Typically, a heat sealer should last between 5-10 years with normal wear and tear, although some models are designed for even longer life spans. However, there are a few signs that you may need to replace your heat sealer machine, rather than simply replacing consumable parts.

If your heat sealer is no longer maintaining consistent temperatures, this could be a sign that the internal components are starting to fail. In some cases, you may be able to remedy this by replacing the thermostat, but if the issue persists, it’s likely that you’ll need to replace your machine.

Another sign that you need to replace your heat sealer is if the heating element itself is no longer working correctly. This could manifest itself in a number of ways, such as the heat sealer failing to reach temperature, taking longer than usual to heat up or not sealing the bags correctly. If you’ve replaced the heating element and thermostat, but the machine is still having issues, then it’s likely time for a new one.

Heat sealer machines are an essential part of many businesses, so it’s important to make sure that they’re in good working order. By regularly replacing consumable parts and keeping an eye out for signs that your machine needs to be replaced, you can ensure that your business can continue to run smoothly.

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