Valdamark are the master distributor for Hawo GMBH heat sealer machines.

Hawo Heat Sealer Machine

We stock the full a range of Hawo GMBH machine models with a full range of dealer and aftersales services. We stock both hand held and table top devices as well as constant or impulse heat deliveries.

HAWO GMBH heat sealers are CE certified as standard with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Depending on your sealing requirements we can recommend a suitable unit.

If you require a hand held heat sealer we can recommend either the WSZ or ISZ devices.

The WSZ is perfect for mid to high volume sealing of thicker, heavy gauge laminated foil packaging. The WSZ is a constant heat sealing meaning heat will be applied for as long as the operator compresses the jaws. They are designed for the sealing of foils and coated papers only.

The ISZ is a multifunctional impulse heat sealer machine that can seal thermoplastic packaging as well as thinner laminated foil packaging. The sealing cycle is measured by time rather than temperature, this ensures consistency and an optimal seal every time.

Our table top heat sealers come in a variety of models. The basic HPL 300 & 500 BMS are manual impulse sealers that perform well for basic sterile heat sealing projects . Featuring a stainless steel design they come complete with a cutter and interlocking magnets. Options include roll holders and storage trays.

If you require a semi-automatic machine consider the HawoPlast® HPL 450, 630 & 1000 machines. These machines perform well in both the industrial and healthcare sectors. Featuring an integrated cutter these foot operated impulse sealers feature Hawo’s ‘no heat up time’ and a constant contact pressure for a fast and safe heat sealing process.

Great for sealing mid to high volume polythene and thin gauge films, with the added stability of table mounted design.

Where a fully automatic, continuous band sealer is required consider the HawoPlast® HPL 500 D & D-V machines. With variations for both the industrial and healthcare sectors this machine is perfect for high capacity, volume sealing. In line with the requirements of EN ISO 11607-2:2006 the process parameters on the D-V variant (temperature and sealing speed) can be fully controlled and indicated directly on the device.

The HawoVac® HV impulse vacuum sealers are purpose built for the most demanding sealing projects in the industrial, pharmaceutical and medical sectors. These nozzle style devices are available with a variety of options and modifications. Designed for high volumes in multi shift operations they are highly suited to the sealing of sensitive medical devices, pharmaceuticals, industrial products and electronics. Compliant as standard with IS0 116070-2 these machines are also certified in accordance with the air purity class 6 (ISO 146440-1) making them ideal for clean rooms and restricted areas.

For more sealing machine advice and FAQ’s visit our knowledge base for answers to common questions.

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