Finding the right band sealer for your project requires some important considerations.

Hand impulse sealers are usually the entry modes into heat sealing, but if you find yourself needing more speed, then a continuous band sealer is an ideal way to level up.

Used in the manufacturing, food, and medical industries, band sealers are ideal for mid to high volume packaging environments, will seal just about any type of thermoplastic material, and are easy to use.

With so many different models and designs to choose from, you might be wondering how to find the right heat sealer machine for you. To help, we cover how a continuous band sealer works and the band sealers that Valdamark can offer:

Finding The Right Band Sealer for Continuous Sealing

How Does a Continuous Band Sealer Work?

A continuous band sealer works by using a continuous band to seal a bag. Once the bag sealer has reached the correct temperature, the band will melt the bag’s poly material together to create a strong, air-tight bond.

With the temperature and conveyor speed set, the rotary heat sealer can operate consistently and fast for long durations – a boost in productivity in which seal assembly lines from all sectors can benefit from.

What’s more, a constant heat sealer is wear resistant, able to keep at a constant temperature, and has different designs (such as the continuous horizontal band sealer and vertical band sealer) to better meet sealing requirements.

Finding The Right Band Sealer: The Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Band Sealers

Deciding whether a horizontal or vertical band sealer is right for you depends on the type of bag you intend to use.

Horizontal band sealers

A horizontal band sealer is used for sealing low products that are laid flat to be sealed. They are not suitable for flowable products like powder, liquids, or solid products that would spill if they were to lie flat.

The height and weight of the packed bag will usually govern the size of the band sealer, with horizontal tabletop machines typically suitable for bags less than 300mm to 400mm in height.

Horizontal band sealers

Vertical band sealers

A vertical band sealer is normally used to seal small products such as powders, grains, coffee, and liquids that are packaged in a stand-up pouch.

Like with horizontal band sealers, the height of the packed bag will dictate the size of the band sealer, with some models capable of converting into horizontal mode. Floor mounted vertical sealers should be considered for larger and heavier bags instead of a tabletop sealer.

Vertical Band Sealers

Choosing the Right Band Sealer

If you have decided whether a horizontal or vertical band sealer is right for you, ask yourself these following questions:

  • Do I already have bags? make sure you have your bags or pouches before you choose a sealer – the material, size, and type of bag will determine which band sealer is right for you.
  • Do I want any printing on my bags? it is possible with some continuous band sealers to integrate printing with them if you wish to print the production date, print date, or logo on your bags. For example, the 950-V NanoPak machine allows printing for both informational text and bar codes.
  • Do I have a preference of production running right to left or left to right? some band sealers move to left to right, whereas others operate the other way round, so it is important to choose your preference.

Band Sealers that Valdamark Offers

Here at Valdamark, we are dedicated to delivering the most reliable, industry-leading continuous band sealer machines. All our sealers adhere to the topmost quality and safety measures, as well as to ISO 14644-1 Clean Room Standards.

Partnering up with the world’s leading professional heat sealing equipment brand; Hawo, we offer a diverse range of specialist band machines and continuous sealers, such as the HPL 50 D/D-V (ideal in both industrial and healthcare environments) and the HM 850 DC-V and HM950 DC-V NanoPak medical pouch sealer (suitable for products where packaging must be sealed according to EN ISO 11607-1:2009, EN 868-4:2009 & EN 868-5:2009).

For more information on our wide range of constant heat sealer machines, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We’re more than happy to offer advice and support to help you choose the right bag sealer to suit your needs.