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Heat Sealer Machines – Uses And Benefits

If you are looking to seal your products for a transport and storage consider Valdamark heat sealer machines for ensuring the best possible seal quality. These machines can seal objects like thermoplastics, packaging and industrial products.

These machines work on the principle of using pressure and heat to bind two similar or even dissimilar thermoplastics together. At least one of the layers should be thermoplastic if the material has multiple layers.

You can seal almost any flexible material. Adhesives, plastic connecters and film media are all suitable for sealing with our portable units. Other common applications of this very process include joining Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) to Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) as well as telecommunication and medical devices.

Sealer machines that combine the seal functions of form and fill are also available in the market. Some sealing machines transport the material vertically whereas others accomplish the task by transporting the plastic horizontally.

Generally portable packaging sealers can be divided into two categories. Either constant sealers for foil bags or impulse sealers generally used to seal polythene and film packaging.

Heat Sealer Machines – Types And Functions

Some of the important functions which these machines perform include.

• Manual Setting Machines only hold or set the products for further sealing.

• Seal Only Equipment does not form or fill the packages but only secures or wraps the products.

• Fully automatic Sealing Machines mostly work automatically. Mostly, operators only have to remove filled packages or replenish packaging equipment.

• Semi-automatic sealers perform the duties of packaging as well as placement. This helps a single operator to maintain accuracy and speed while performing several functions simultaneously.

Heat Sealer Machines – The Product to Look Out for:

WAHO heat sealer machines have proved their worth in flexible packaging industry. These machines are safe and simple to use thanks to their impressive performance features, also making them perfect for medical and industrial packaging.

Valdamark direct takes pride in providing only high quality products to our customers and heat sealer machines are no different.

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