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Valdamark specialize in hand held heat sealer machines. These are devices used to heat seal various types of flexible packaging materials.

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Valdamark specialize in hand held heat sealer machines. 


These are devices used to heat seal various types of packaging and thermoplastic materials. 


What materials can I seal with a Hand Held Heat Sealer?


This is the most obvious question when choosing a heat sealer. What is it you are trying to seal? 


Different models suit different materials. Generally speaking we have a machine to suit most flexible packaging materials. 


Materials you can seal include polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon, Tyvek, Kraft Paper, FEP, PET, OPP, HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, PT Aclar and a foil laminate packaging film. 


You can seal polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, Tyvek, craft Paper with foil lining, craft Paper with plastic lining, FEP, Aclar and foil laminates.



How does an Impulse Heat Sealer work?


An Impulse Heat Sealer works by using a temperature spike applied for varying lengths of time. This is then followed by a cooling off period where the jaws themselves stay closed. 


As the material is cooling down the molten plastic on the seal weld will be allowed to set, thus creating an optimal seal. The jaw then resets and you can repeat the process. 


The impulse heat delivery also enables the operator to achieve strong & consistent seals for even high volume sealing. 


Most impulse sealers use low voltage heating wires that have virtually no heat up time. Meaning it only takes seconds for the operator to get the desired seal. 


This low voltage operation makes them economical too as they only use power when the actually making a seal. 


Our heavy duty heat sealer machines are suitable for most projects, being able to easily handle polythene films up to 600 gauge or 150 microns.


Another popular unit is our Audion Sealboy Industrial Bag Sealer machine. This is a table top unit and is availble in different widths. We also stock a variety of optional extras including work table and rollo holderfor ease of use. 


The Sealboy can easily handle heavier gauge or multi layered laminate films as well as heavy gauge polyethylene. 




What are Moisture Barrier Bags?


Specifically Moisture Barrier Bags are packaging bags hermetically sealed to provide moisture barrier protection for your goods. This means the packaging enclosure remains tamper proof, airtight, waterproof & hygienic. 


The bag will be constructed from non-permeable materials like Nylon or metal foil. Usually a combination pet/alu/pe or pet/alu/lldpe.


In many instances the converted bag or pouch will have identical mono layers. This means you need to select a heat sealer machine that is capable of sealing two layers at once. Or just one that is designed for heavier gauge film like our foil bag heat sealer here.


This is often the case for coffee bags and food packaging too. 



What size Heat Sealer will I need ?

Hand held heat sealers have different blades or jaws. These differ to suit the width best suited to the packaging you want to seal. Or how quickly you want to seal it. 


If you chose a sealer with a jaw only half the length of your packaging you would need to conduct two seals per piece. This can add up! Ideally you want as few as possible particularly when sealing at mid to high volumes. 


We recommend that you choose a heat sealer that is between 20mm & 50mm wider that the width of the packaging you want to seal. 


This also gives the operator more maneuverability as the packaging can be positioned with ease and will not overlap around the edges of the machine itself.