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At Valdamark Direct, we specialize in providing companies with market leading high quality heat seal bags to meet their storage and transportation needs.

Most of these products have especially been designed for high value products which often require preservation for extended periods of time. Still they must be delivered to client in factory condition, defect free.

Our heat seal bags protect your products from:

• Moisture
• Oxygen and Air
• Grease
• Ultraviolet Rays
• Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
• Pests
• Inspectors

We strive to meet the highest standard set for packaging your products in the safest manner possible. Valdamark Direct is an excellent source for all of your packaging needs including the foil bags.

Aluminum is the main component of the foil bags and the barrier is achieved by laminating the surface of the bags using polythene and polyester layers. This provides extra protection to your goods when they are in transit.

Our foil bags can provide your goods with extra protection against elements like corrosion and moisture as well as marine air, gas products and salt water which they might encounter during their journey.

It is also pertinent to note that these aluminum bags, once sealed, will continue to protect your goods for a long time to come, making them best in the business.

Uses of heat seal Bags

The demand for heat seal bags have increased over recent years with more industries transporting high value goods globally. Nearly always these goods will travel through hazardous and unpredictable supply chains with medium to long term storage conditions.

These conditions require robust and durable packaging that can protect from atmospheric dangers as well as provide a strong ‘physical’ barrier for goods. Export packing services, sea shipping services, aerospace manufactures, industrial packers and those manufacturing precision parts continually resort to barrier bags for packing their products.

Common Benefits:

Barrier foil bags offer some really great benefits to the users such as three side sheet design and a very high resistance against tear and breakaway.

Our heat seal bags are a ‘best in class product’ and are ideal for protecting precision products with sharp edges.

They continue to outperform the competition with their market leading performance properties.

These bags have a low carbon imprint on the atmosphere and offer lower packaging costs as well. They are also easy to handle and come inclusive of tear nicks for easy opening.

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