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Valdamark Direct supplies Impulse heat sealer machines that are perfect for welding air proof polyethylene packaging, PVC, polyethylene and polyamid.

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This impulse heat sealer is the market leading HPL ISZ model from HAWO GMBH.


Its perfect for the heat sealing of a wide variety of materials like Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC & Polyamid. In addition you can also seal thin gauge PE and aluminium laminate foil 


This machine is built with a ‘made to last’ mentality.


The ‘best in class’ design features no heat up time making them ideal for mid to high volume production line sealing. 


Unlike cheaper heat sealer machine models seal quality is not sacrificed for sealing speed. The heat sealing process is automatic and so with the HPL ISZ 300 you can achieve optimal seal quality every time. 


You can also adjust the sealing temperature to suit the material being used. Even when the jaw is closed. 


These units are also very lightweight and are easy to maneuver around large or awkward size items. Especially for Export Packaging. 



The temperature can also be easily adjusted to suit various material gauges & thicknesses. 


Valdamark stock HPL ISZ models in a variety of jaw widths including 300mm, 450mm & 630mm.


All units come complete with the transformer box power supply. 


Both the units themselves and the consumable spare parts are available in stock configured as standard to Uk 230V (3 pin) plug we can also convert to the United States 110V and European 230 V (2 pin) at no extra charge.  


These heat sealers can also be used in conjunction with one of our table mountings & floor stands for ease of use and storage. 


For thicker materials like barrier foil see the Hawo HPL WSZ range.


If you need any more information get in touch to discuss your requirements.