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The HPL 450, 630 & 1000 AS machines are market leading foot operated impulse sealer platforms designed for professional sealing use in the industrial, medical and healthcare sectors. 

These machines are as standard a table top configuration with the option of a stainless steel vertical support stand to further enhance ease of use (standing sealer). You can also complete this with work table and roll holder options. 

Available in a variety of bar widths the HPL can be supplied in sizes of 450, 630 and 1000mm sealing widths. This makes the HPL suitable for a wide range of flexible packaging formats including Tyvek, Mylar, Moistop, Aluminium, PE, PET & Paper based materials. 

The impulse heat mechanism of action ensures that the packaging is not exposed to operator error generating a consistent and optimal weld every time. 

If you require hand held heat sealers consider our WSZ and ISZ machines for a ‘best in class’ solution. 

Ideal for moisture barrier foil packaging these machines are all CE approved as standard and come complete with a 2 year factory guarantee. 

Whatever your project requirements we will have a device to suit. Contact us to discuss further. 

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