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HAWO heat sealers

As a factory distributor of HAWO heat sealers we have acquired a wealth of experience in matching the correct unit to each sealing projects.

Most clients are looking for a flexible packaging sealer or some sort. Those in the market may have a specification that they need to meet and require a unit based on this data. Others may look for guidance towards the correct unit, taking into consideration their key drivers – cost, material and volume etc.

We have options suitable for sealing nearly every Flexible Packaging material. From lay flat plastic tubing through to heavy duty foil laminates we have units to suit.

One thing assured is the premium build quality boasted by our range. The flawless Western European manufacture is demonstrated with the use of high quality metals and polymers as well as ceramics for the weld itself.

Which HAWO heat sealers ?

Many Valdamark clients have experienced poor sealing performance from cheap sealers that do not meet their expectations. The cheaper materials used prove unsuitable.

Here we have heard on more than one occasion of the cheap acrylic plastic hand guards melting in proximity to sealer jaws themselves.

Other examples seem to be just as dramatic where we have heard cases of exploding thermostats and melting leads.

Products across our range are vigorously quality texted to ensure optimal working order before dispatch. All our ready for use in mid to high volume sealing out of the box however we would recommend comparing several models on our e-commerce site before making a decision.

Base your judgement on several different criteria for your Packaging Sealing.

What will the width or length of the material be? Stock widths for portable devices are usually 15cm or 30cm, with static units going to 1 meter.

Would the Sealer be best with a foot pedal? Use your foot to clamp the sealer down.

How much room to manoeuvre will I have when sealing? Here it may worth taking into consideration the weight of the unit. They are all lightweight, but hands will tire.

What is the Sealing material? We supply Impulse heat sealers for polythene and cellophane based materials as well as constant heat sealers for foil bags and laminate materials.

For more information on heat sealers please visit our home page.

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