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As a factory distributor of HAWO heat sealers we have acquired a wealth of experience in matching the correct unit to each sealing projects.

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Valdamark are the approved UK distributor for Hawo heat sealer machines. 


We have a thorough knowledge of these machines and their sealing capabilities. 


Most clients are looking for a portable device suitable for mid to high volume sealing.


Reliability, weight, & performance are often key drivers. 


This and the quality assurances needed are paramount. Unlike cheaper alternatives these machines are manufactured to the strictest requirements in Western Europe. 


Only the highest quality polymers, metals and ceramics are used in assembly.  


We have models to suit most flexible packaging materials. 


Polythene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, foil laminate, paper & PVC to name but a few. 


When deciding on material the first decision is often regarding the type of heat delivery from the sealer. 


Impulse heat sealer machines are usually more suitable for use with thin polythene material like polythene and barrier films. 


Constant heat sealers provide constant heat delivery and are usually more suitable for thicker laminates or foil bags.


Various packaging formats are also suitable for particular machines. Lay flat tubing, foil bags, bulk bags, FIBC liners, sheets and pouches can all be matched to a particular model in the range. 


We often recommend that a test seal is done first to ensure suitability. 


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