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HAWO™ heat sealer machines

Valdamark supply HAWO heat sealer machines that are perfect for professional use in flexible packaging applications. They are suitable for projects related to both industrial and medical packaging demonstrating impressive performance features that make these sealer units simple & safe.

From hand held heat sealers to Vacuum sealers the most popular units in the range are the HPL ISZ and the HPL WSZ models. These are both market leading designs which produce optimal seals for most laminate foil and films. These units are lightweight too making them easy and practical to use in most high volume packaging environments.

For projects that require the extraction of air whilst sealing the HAWO heat sealer machines range also includes a ‘class leading’ range of vacuum sealers perfect for medical packaging and other pharmaceutical applications.

Our most popular model is the HAWO HV460 or HV660 but as of 2014 this fast being overtaken by its highly anticipated replacement the HV 800 AP2 and AP4-V models.

Both models are suitable for a diverse array of Packaging materials displayed on the specification sheet. Not only this but they also but all Vacuum impulse sealers come complete with dual nozzles for increased suction and gassing speeds.

The two nozzle capacity is available from stock with up to four nozzle versions being available to order for larger more awkward items.

The build quality is market leading. An exceptional stainless steel finish makes this product perfect for use in clean room packaging.

HAWO heat sealer machines are designed to fit into your business. The beautiful LCD flat screen display makes for user friendly interaction with the operator, you may be surprised at the level of usability as it is not usually associated with industrial heat sealing equipment of this kind.

The SealCom™ LCD screen is officially referred to as the integrated communication module. It’s optional, you can have the Vacuum chamber device without this but the benefits to this new addition are numerous. Create and store all your sealing requirements, temperature, pressure and sealing speed. View user and operator statistics. Clear display of sealing parameters as well as password protection to ensure only designated staff can assess the data through your own network.

Through the easy to use LCD control panel this Vacuum sealing machine features an RS 232 feed that can facilitate two way communication with any infrastructure or batch processing that your organisation already has in place.

Additional features to these impulse sealers include a specified validation procedure as prescribed by ISO 11607 2. Sealing bars will seal up to a respectable width of 800mm while these are suitable for the gas flushing process and vacuuming of foil laminate bags as well as lightweight poly bags.

HAWO heat sealer machines

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