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The HPL ISZ impulse heat sealer is a hand held sealer machine designed for the professional sealing of both thin film laminates and polythene based packaging. 

Exceptionally lightweight and easy to moenvever these machine are perfect for mid to high volume sealing. Available in several jaw widths including 300, 450 & 630 mm they are purpose built for use in the industrial and medical sectors. 

The impulse mechanism of action ensures consistent & optimal seal quality with each cycle. The operator simply select a time between 1 & 10 seconds, once the jaw is compressed the weld begins and an alarm sounds when complete. 

All machines are CE approved as standard and come with a 2 year warranty. 

Where your project requires a constant heat sealer for the sealing of foil bags and heavy gauge/ thick film laminates consider the HPL WSZ for a high performance machine. 

These market leading machines are just one of the models from the HAWO GMBH range of professional heat sealer machinery

Whatever your sealing requirements we are likely to have a suitable machine. Where bespoke are concerned we have developed many customised platforms in collaboration with our engineering and fabrication partners. Get in touch to discuss further. 

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