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Valdamarks range of hand held heat machines provides a heat sealer machine for every project and budget. Take a look at our comprehensive range of impulse sealers and foil welding guns.

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Hand Held Heat Sealer for projects that require maneuverable heat sealing!

As of out range of portable heat sealers continue to grow so do the wide array of features and options available.

If you are not all that familiar with hand held heat sealers they go by a few different names. Package sealing pliers, foil welding machines and hand sealing tongs are to name but a few.

They all have similarities but there are two main differences as they deliver two types of heat. Either impulse or constant.

Impulse Heat Sealers deliver heat in a short interval (or impulse).

They utilize a low voltage heating cartridge that contain a series of wires with no heat up time. This is a valuable feature as it allows you to get optimal temperate and seals in seconds.

The heating element then cools on the material, the pressure remains on it though allowing it to set.

They tend to use significantly less power that traditional bar sealers as they only use there power when actually welding a seal.

These devices are ideal for use with both thin single layer films and thick MIL-PRF-131K thermoplastic films.

Consider these impulse machines for mid to high volume sealing projects that require a level of seal consistency.

Constant sealers on the other hand, as the name suggests deliver heat constantly from the moment they are switched on.

These kind of machines tend to more lightweight and are easy to maneuver around larger or awkwardly sized packaging designs.

Like premium impulse sealers they are an excellent option for foil bag sealing and are particularly good when dealing with heavier gauge materials in excess of 100μm.

Of course you may not always require a heat sealer for demanding projects like this.

Often a more simple machine will be sufficient when doing low to medium volume heat sealing.

Our 150B bag sealer machine is a good budget option that is capable of sealing both thin and thick laminates up to an impressive 250µ micron.

When sealing thinner and lighter guage materials take a look at our 150C heat sealer machine. This machine is ideal for the sealing of paper, cellophane and thin aluminium laminates up to 200µ micron.