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The European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) is a group of over 100 European members comprising of foil rollers, manufacturers of aluminium foil containers and specialised packaging converters.

Its Alufoil Trophy Awards symbolise excellence in packaging solution’s and products that either contain alufoil as part of a structure or laminate or are made from alufoil. No wonder that bagging these awards is a mark of brilliance and innovation.

This year, Constantia Flexibles won an Alufoil Trophy Award for its sterilizable lidding foil. In the Product Preservation category, GSK bagged an award for its innovative foil-based packaging solution to offer complete product protection to pharmaceutical devices against moisture during worldwide distribution.

It’s interesting to note that both Constantia Flexibles and GSK are prominent global brands.

Constantia Flexibles has been providing flexible packaging solutions for the healthcare, food and beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical markets for years’ and is known to offer value for money.

GSK too is considered a packaging leader as it invests significantly in innovative packaging equipment and technologies to improve the way it delivers pharmaceutical products.

Details of the Award-Winning Packaging Solution s

Constantia’s lidding foil was initially designed for packing a safety needle system. It employs an overlacquer that’s resistant to abrasion. The lidding foil can be marked by laser, facilitates easy opening and can be sterilized with gamma radiation.

This packaging solution offers an optically ideal print layout, which includes precise machine positioning, along with excellent barrier resistance, robustness and mechanical consistency to avoid abrasion.

GSK was recognized in the Product Preservation category for its brand new innovation of the deep drawn container – Constantia Safemax.

Made of aluminium, this container protects pharma products from moisture during international transfers and distributions.

It uses an Ellipta tray and lid, which are supplied by Constantia Flexibles.

Constantia Safemax has a highly effective seal that can be peeled open easily. Designed for enhanced transit protection, it offers excellent sustainability for the in-line printing systems.

Offered in four variations of the Peel and Push; Bend and Tear; Peelable; and Push Through, this innovative product guarantees the perfect barrier to oxygen, light and moisture.

Constantia Safemax not only meets all requirements of the GMP standards of contemporary healthcare products, but also complies with the IEC standard 60529.

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