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Mondi’s alufree Barrier Film is a true testimony to the company’s excellence in development, pioneering spirit and persistence. FachPack 2015 will present.

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Many consumers will store dried foodstuffs for extended periods of time before they are used. 


Even simple household items like this require a suitable barrier film to protect the contents from moisture & atmospheric damage. 


These environmental considerations have been an area of focus for Mondi Packaging with the introduction of its alu free Barrier Film


This intelligent product is set to address some of the key problems faced when storing foodstuffs in flexible packaging safely. 


Dried foods will often require a diverse set of barrier material constructions. Mondi has a long history of solution development here. 


Aluminum laminate foil packaging has often been the ‘go to’ product to protect goods and extend their shelf life. Any supermarket shelf will show the popularity and success of this solution, however technicians at Mondi have found an alternative. 


The alufree ‘barrier film’ which is not only eco friendly but also as the name suggests, is metal free. 


As the packaging has no metal the carbon footprint of the product is reduced by 25% approximately. 


It also uses an advanced polymer which reduces the required temperature for closing with a heat sealer. This further decreases energy consumption.