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Graphic Packaging is looking to communicate with clients more efficiently through its new Global Innovation Centre for packaging in the UK. 

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Graphic Packaging Announces Opening of Global Innovation Centre

Graphic Packaging has announced the opening of a new global innovation center to help improve their packaging processes. 
The focus is on not only on improvements to existing processes but innovations of new ones too!
Graphic Packaging operate primarily in the carton & alu foil packaging markets with this new center said to be the first of its kind in Europe. 
The GIC provides work space for the packaging design teams who will be mostly assigned to projects for GIC’s food and beverage clients. 
This includes the design of bulk packaging for liquids as well as other bespoke requirements. 
Graphic Packaging has commented that with this new site it wants to change the way that food & beverage packaging is developed in Europe. 
So far they have invested a $1 million dollar commitment into a new site at Bardon in the United Kingdom. Here they will benefit from a new PackWorks systems as well as a Roland UV printers and a Zund S3 M800.


Graphic Packaging Means Business with New Site

The GIC site will have new production capabilities from the get go. It allows for clients to consult with design & technical teams. 


This lets clients benefit from their worldwide expertise and capabilities. Not just local. 


Samples can easily be produced here too without the need for long lead times and minimum order quantities. The GIC facilitates for 100% colour mock ups. 


No too customers are the same. The new sites will let Graphic Packaging address the evolving needs of their customer base. 




They also have a new 3D printer complete with table top heat sealer with cutter feature. This will make production of plastic components easy. 


Probably the most interesting aspect of the GIC is the new ‘Delicious’ range. Here GP have 14 carton packaging designs ready made, of which 7 are completely unique to GP.


It features anything from simple sandwich packaging to more innovative designs like picnic sharing packaging and hybrid foods. 


These creations have been produced to cater for the findings of the food-to-go report which recently came out. This suggests customers will look for more innovative and quirky packaging to fulfill changing ‘on the go’ eating habits.