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Representatives from around the world attend gathering to implement plain cigarette packaging in order to prevent young people taking up smoking. 

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Global Gathering Emphasizes Importance Plain Cigarette Packaging!

Later in the year government representatives from over 10 nations will gather in Paris to start the ball rolling on universal plain cigarette packaging.


The goal being to drive down the high smoking rates that exist among young people around the world. 


A join statement came from several key members states stating that there is significant scientific proof that backs up the benefits of plain cigarette packaging. Especially when it comes to reducing their youth appeal. 


Several studies have discovered that this type of product packaging has been effective in decreasing desirability for cigarettes, especially with young people. They have also found that plain packaging is effective at emphasizing the message of health warnings printed on the packs. 


The French Health Minister, Marisol Touraine has even said that she sees these measures contributing greatly to a tobacco free world! Furthermore she hopes these changes will help today’s generation become the first without tobacco in their lives. 


Bold claims!


Smoking in France claims over 78,000 lives per year. It is predicted that if no action is taken by 2030 over 8 millions smokers will be killed by smoking related diseases. 


These statistics sound high but the World Health Organisation states that one person dies every 6 seconds due to smoking related diseases. A massive 6 million people a year. 


Can Plain Cigarette Packaging Be Effective?

Marisol Touraine has said that the introduction of metalized film packaging can help in preventing young people with an ‘introduction’ to tobacco. It believe plain cigarette packaging will have a significant impact. 


It’s common knowledge that there has much new legislation aimed at limiting the appeal of tobacco products. However the powerful tobacco lobby has fiercely resisted any of the proposed changes. 


Australia was the first country to introduce plain packaging measures all the way back in 2012. Following this was France, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 


Early findings in Australia have shown a drop in the rate of younger smokers. The tobacco industry however has pointed to high taxation rates as the cause. 


It is much needed as smoking in France is extremely popular being home to the highest number of under 16’s smokers in Europe. 


Touraine has even banned smoking in passenger cars where an occupant is under 12 years of age. Also in children’s play areas too!


These new measures have drew heavy protests in many regions of France particularly from Tobacconists.