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This foot operated impulse sealer is a professional impulse heat sealer that is designed to produce optimal seals consistently. Available in jaw widths of 450mm, 630mm or 1000mm configurations. 

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Valdamark heat sealers are a range of market leading devices for use in a variety of industries.


This foot operated impulse sealer is a ‘best in class’ product that performs particular well when sealing sterilized medical packaging as well as sealing for any other product that requires a fast, efficient and reliable process. 


These machines are suitable for all types of thermoplastic films including thin gauge polyethylene materials through to heavy gauge foil laminates for storage and transport. 


Uncommon with many other foot operated impulse sealers is the ‘no heat up time’. Standard on this professional device it means that sealing can be done quickly and safely. The exact amount of heat is delivered effectively for each seal. The operator can then move onto the next cycle with no downtime as the sealing bars reheat. 


These machines are available in a variety of jaw widths to suit various formats of packaging. 


Choose from – 450mm, 630mm & 1000mm heat sealer widths. 


Each impulse heat sealer features a semi-automatic impulse bar, foot pedal and cutter as standard. 


As standard the machine comes in a horizontal configuration. This means it is very well suited as a table top heat sealer lying perfectly flat on surfaces. 


Options include a vertical stand. This makes for an easier sealing process as the operator has both hand free to handle the packaging. It also means the packaging can be supported underneath with the foot pedal used to start and finish the sealing cycle. 


You can also fit a film unwind device or roll holder as well as a chrome storage tray and double impulse sealer welds.


The temperature can be adjusted to suit a wide variety of films and laminates. 


These units are supplied as standard with UK 230V 3 pin plugs but can be fitted with US 110V 2 pin and EU 230V 2 pin fittings at no extra cost. 


For portable devices take a look at our hand held heat sealer machines or read our what heat sealer guide for more details on which machines is best for your project.