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In recent times, the FDA is emphasizing a lot on food packaging adhesives compared to other food contact substances.

As a result, the onus to comply with such regulations is on the on the manufacturers of food packaging and other finished food products.

According to FDA, there are three types of food additives namely direct, secondary direct and indirect.

Adhesives that are used to package food products fall under the purview of indirect additives.

It is mandatory that any kind of additive, whether direct or indirect, should pass the regulation of FDA to come in contact with food substances.

Manufacturers of food packaging adhesives should remember that the kind of adhesives they use to package these food items should comply with the regulations listed under Section 175.105(a) (2).

Manufacturers of finished food products should meet the requirement listed under Section 175.105(a) (2) only if the adhesive is used in a manner that it does not become a component of the actual food or if the adhesive does not migrate to the food item.

To comply with such standards, the FDA recommends the use of functional barrier between the food item and the packaging.

Food Packaging Adhesives Needs to Meet Strict Regulations

In addition to Section 175.105, FDA has also issued a regulation stating the use of adhesives under Section 177.1390(c)(2). According to this section, adhesives can be used in the food packaging industry only if the adhesive formulations come with laminated structures and at the same time, are exposed to temperatures of 250°F and above.

Apart from the above sections, FDA also allows those adhesives to be used for packaging food if they have successfully undergone the migration tests.

To conduct migration tests on adhesives used, it is important to have a clear idea of the intention as to why a particular adhesive is being used.

After the migration test, it is determined to what extent an adhesive used in food packaging can become a component of the food itself.

Another common test that FDA recommends is the compliance or the end test. Through this test, it is ascertained whether the adhesive used complies with all the regulations issued by the FDA or not.

However, the regulatory status of an adhesive to be used for packaging foods is determined by the regulatory status of every substance present in the adhesive.

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