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According to a recent report released by Research and Markets, North America’s flexible food packaging market will experience a growth during 2014-2019 at a CAGR of 5.72%. As the demand for flexible packaging grows all over the world, this is surely good news for manufacturers of flexible packaging who have their eyes set on the market of North America.

Flexible packaging refers to a non-rigid manner of packaging. Easy-yielding or flexible materials are used in this process. Such materials can easily change shape, depending on the packaged product’s nature. Materials used for food flexible packaging include aluminium, paper and plastic.

These materials go through a detailed conversion procedure including lamination, printing, coating and extrusion, to convert them into different categories of flexible packaging products. These include plastic pouches and bags, sachets, foil bags and lidding films.

The report released about the future of flexible food packaging market in North America by Research and Markets is based on an in-depth market study, with inputs from experts of the industry. The report covers the market’s future growth prospects, in addition to discussing the key vendors that operate in the market.

Why there’s an Increasing Demand for Food Flexible Packaging?

High-barrier food flexible packaging consists of high-barrier resins that offer enhanced protection to the packaged products from oxygen and moisture, thus extending their shelf life. As compared to other packaging products, such high-barrier flexible packaging is better with respect to quality.

This is because the development of such packaging makes use of specialized laminated structures and coatings together with resins. EVOH and BOPET are some high-barrier plastics that are used in the development of this type of packaging. Being considered as the finest packaging materials in North America’s flexible food packaging market, such high-barrier plastics are increasingly used by food companies.

They are even experiencing a rapidly growing popularity among consumers all over the world. The financial report touches upon all these aspects.

The report also says that there’s an increased demand for flexible plastic packaging products as well as solutions especially in North America, as plastic packaging replaces glass and metal packaging. For food flexible packaging, plastic is the preferred choice as it is extremely versatile and can be converted into diverse sizes and shapes.

Due to its light weight, it’s even cheaper than other packaging materials, and causes reduced carrying and handling costs. Due to the increasing demand for convenience packaged foods globally, the demand for plastic is set to experience a spike during the forecast period, says the report.

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