Packaging MachineSchubert will be presenting a TLM packaging machine without an electrical cabinet at the FachPack 2015 trade show in Nuremberg, Germany. As the servo modules of the packaging machine belong to a decentralized control mechanism for TLM robots, an electrical cabinet will no longer be required.

In this packaging machine, the number of electronic components has been significantly reduced. Thus, the maintenance and operation has become much easier than before. Now, customers can perform their packaging jobs in a more user-friendly, automated environment with minimum involvement of personnel.

Schubert’s packaging machine has a water cooling system to increase the durability of its remaining electrical components. Interestingly, this cooling feature reduces the waste heat of the system. With the help of a heat exchanger, customers can use the energy, arising out of water cooling, for different purposes.

TLM Packaging Machine Set to Reduce Maintenance Cost

At the FachPack show, the packaging machine’s functionality will be exhibited through a pick and place procedure. This procedure would include four-axle TLM F44 robots selecting white and black bears from a white product belt and subsequently placing them on Transmoduls in a certain formation.

Schubert’s new TLM vision system is able to detect products in a very low-contrast situation as in this case of white bears on a white background. This system uses the data collected from scanner to determine a height profile and consequently, the three-dimensional pattern of materials to be packaged. It can even identify the defects of products.

The 3D scanner enables the packaging machine to recognize images more accurately and effectively than before. Consumers using this packaging machine will benefit from higher productivity, improved quality and less waste.

This vision system is capable of identifying the weight of every product as well. As an end result, it enables manufacturers to save up to 3% in crude material as over-production will not be required.

At the show, Schubert will share some in-depth information on other TLM systems. Starting from filling procedures for liquid cosmetic products to thermoforming, various technologies will also be explained.

Schubert will be displaying the new concept for the first time at the FachPack Show. The new TLM packaging machine without an electrical cabinet will be there to showcase the innovative power of Schubert.

How Does TLM Packaging Work?

Robotics is increasingly playing a role in all facets of the industry, and packaging is no exception. The Schubert Group’s TLM packaging machines are fully automatic and use robotics to pick up and place products.

The machine has a computerised control system. This system uses data input by the operator to keep track of what products need to be picked up and where they need to be placed.

The operator also inputs information on the speed and accuracy required for each task. Based on this data, the machine’s control system calculates the optimal path for the robots to take.

As a result, the robots can move quickly and efficiently, ensuring that products are properly packaged. Thanks to this advanced technology, the Schubert Group’s TLM packaging machines are changing the packaging industry.

SchubertHow can TLM packaging reduce costs?

One of the biggest challenges for any packaging business is how to reduce maintenance costs. After all, maintaining a fleet of packaging machines can be expensive, and unexpected downtime can quickly eat into profits.

However, investing in a TLM packaging machine can help to reduce maintenance costs in two key ways. First, TLM machines are designed for easy upkeep and repair. They require less time and effort to keep running smoothly.

Second, TLM machines come with a comprehensive warranty that covers all major components, including unexpected repair bills. As a result, investing in a TLM machine is an excellent way to reduce maintenance costs in any packaging business or department.

How are Schubert’s TLM machines performing today?

Today, Schubert’s TLM machines are still going strong. With over 100 installations worldwide, the machines have been tested thoroughly in various environments.

The machines use Schubert’s proprietary technologies to deliver outstanding performance and reliability. In addition, the company continues to invest in research and development to ensure that its products remain at the forefront of the industry.

As a result, Schubert’s TLM machines are performing better than ever, providing customers with the high-quality results they expect.

Innovations Made since FachPack

Schubert Group, the leading provider of end-of-line packaging solutions, has constantly strived to improve its products since the introduction of TLM packaging machines.

New pick & place robots have been developed for higher output density with optimized gripper geometry and smaller footprints. The virtual parts warehouse ensures that every needed spare part is available on demand and that 3D printing technology is used to produce them if necessary.

The GS Gate industrial gateway is now a standard in every new TLM system to allow for real-time data collection and analysis as well as integration into the customer’s ERP and MES systems.

Lastly, cobots have been introduced as the next level of automation to work alongside human operators. All of these innovations show that Schubert Group is committed to providing the best possible packaging solutions for its customers.

Schubert is a company that provides versatile packaging solutions. Their tried-and-tested standard TLM components can be configured to fit the needs of any industry. If desired, they can provide a highly compact line that cartonizes and palletizes using the pick-and-place process. Additionally, they offer a deep drawing of attractive plastic packaging. No matter what the need, Schubert has a packaging solution that will fit the bill.

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