Metal Packaging MarketAccording to the latest report from Market Research Store, the global metal packaging market was estimated to achieve the figure of $110.7 billion in 2014 a CAGR of 6.42%.  The report states that growth is expected to be $180.5 billion by 2022.  The continued rising demand for metal packaging in the market appears to be the main reason for this projected increase.

The opportunity for the metal packaging market is the rapidly expanding food market, including home takeaways and restaurant visits.  However, the market faces challenges too, which are mostly ecological. 

Metal Packaging Market Research, 2030

Metal packaging will grow at 3.9% between 2021 and 2020, reaching $147.3 billion globally by 2030.  Among the major drivers of eCommerce sales in the packaging industry is the constantly increasing demand for beverage and food packaging.

What is Driving the Demand from the Food and Beverage Industry?

The global market for metal packaging is growing rapidly, driven by such factors as population growth and rising disposable incomes.  In developed markets, there has been a notable shift from glass packaging to metal.  Metal cans are lighter and more durable than glass, which means they are easier to transport and offer for sale in vending machines and shops.  The food and beverage industry are increasingly using aluminium cans for premium labelled products.  The metal used in cans offers an excellent barrier to oxygen, light, and other contaminants, which keeps contents fresh.

As the consumption of processed food and canned beverages continues to increase, the demand is expected to rise further.  This demand is believed to be the key factor in driving the food packaging market during the forecast period, says the report.

The growing demand for sustainable packaging and the environment is very likely to continue to increase the demand for the manufacturers that make metal parts packaging for the foreseeable future.

What are the Main Types of Metal Food Packaging?

The metal packaging market has a long history of safely and effectively preserving food and beverages.  Metal container manufacturers continue to offer new and innovative packaging solutions for the food and beverage market.

In addition to the food and beverage markets, metal packaging is also heavily used for industrial applications, such as lubricants, chemicals, and paints.  This packaging type is the perfect fit for many industries as it tends to be durable, lightweight, cost-effective, and recyclable.

Metal packaging includes metal cans, foil pouches, bottle caps, foil wrappers, foil containers, canned food, metal lids, and more.

Cans are constructed from thin sheets of aluminium or steel that are rolled into a cylinder shape and then sealed at the seams.  Bottle caps are made from aluminium or steel that is stamped into shape and then coated with a type of plastic.  Foil pouches are made of a combination of aluminium, polyester and polyethylene that is heat-sealed at the seams, whilst foil wrappers are crimped or folded around a food product.

The metal packaging sector is a vital part of the food industry’s supply chain and the packaging material it supplies to them is vital to keep food fresh and extend the shelf life of the products for as long as possible to keep customers happy.  The packaging type also ensures that beverage products remain secure and uncontaminated.

Metal Packaging Market ResearchSegments of the Metal Packaging Market

The metal packaging market is mainly segregated by material, type, geography, and application. When considering the material as the basis, the market is separated into Aluminium and Steel. When it comes to the type, the market is segregated into Closures & Caps.

By geography, the metal packaging market is segmented into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World. Based on application, the market is classified into Non-durable Goods, Food, Medical, Beverages, Durable Goods, Personal Care, Fabric Care and Health care.

According to the report, the significant manufacturers and key players within the metal packaging industry include Rexam PLC, Alcoa Incorporated, Crown Holdings, CPMC Holdings Limited, Incorporated, Ardagh Group, Amcor Limited, Greif Incorporated, Ton YI Industrial Corporation, and Ball Corporation.

The report also discusses:

  • Market share evaluation for the regional and country level segments
  • Market share analysis of the top industry players
  • Strategic advice for the new entrants
  • Predictions for a minimum of 8 years of every mentioned division, subdivision as well as the regional markets
  • Trends (Drivers, Opportunities, Constraints, Threats, Investments Opportunities, Challenges, and Recommendations)
  • Strategic advice in key business segments built on the market estimations
  • Competitive landscaping to map the important, usual trends
  • Company profiling with comprehensive strategies, recent developments, and financial services
  • Supply chain trends mapping the newest technological developments

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