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Where our range of Foil Packaging bags is concerned Valdamark undertakes projects on a case by case basis. Most of the time we will quantify what the client is looking to achieve with their Packaging Solution.

Foil Packaging conversions

We supply various conversions of our foil laminates mostly to either a 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional design.Not only do we assess this suitable based on the products size alone but also the conditions that the goods are being packed in taking into consideration what the best design would be for fitting and maneuvering the packaging when it is being packed.

Our Foil Bags for Corrosion Protection ranges consists of many performance laminates with different constructions, thicknesses and performance features. When assessing this it’s crucial to take into consideration both the sensitivities of the product itself as well as the condition of the supply chain it will travel in. All our foils continually prove themselves successful in protecting stored goods long term, this can be said for every selection in the range and with the correct packing solution goods can be protected from climatic interferences well into the years.

The main differences in features through our range focuses around the individual strength, durability, anti-static benefits and moisture barrier properties. This diversity allows us to quote Foil Packaging on the most demanding projects where key drivers and goals often vary drastically.

Case Study:

Our recent projects have included some niche applications for Pharmaceutical packaging where specialist Silica Gel capsules small enough to fit in a 10 x 10cm flat foil bag design have been used in conjunction with our lowest water vapour transmission foil to offer some high value trial products atmospheric protection for a transport and storage time that could exceed 6 months.

This approach illustrates our commitment to “no one solution”. We will always tailor our offer to suit the clients exact requirements as well impart our knowledge to ensure the most optimal conditions for the product being protected.

Efficient manufacturing processes mean we can accommodate most projects regardless and volume and usage. As well our standard range of products available online our bespoke conversion service continues to provide effective solutions that are customer driven.


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