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Valdamark are suppliers of Foil Bulk Bags in the UK and internationally. The market leading range of Valstrong industrial foil packaging foil give superior moisture and corrosion protection to sensitive goods during transport and storage.

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Most FIBC bags provide little protection for their contents. The Polythene or Polypropylene material construction is just a single layer only suitable for goods that do not require protection from atmospheric hazards like moisture and corrosion. 


Valdamark Valstong™ are a market leading range of industrial packaging foils suitable for a wide variety of markets that transport and store sensitive products. 


We can convert into a variety of shapes and sizes as well. Foil Bulk Bags, Foil Pouches, 3D Box bags and Moistop Barrier Foil 


They use a very sophisticated design that demonstrates high barrier and strength properties whilst maintaining an excellent flexibility. 


This moisture barrier bag is lightweight too. The patent pending technology used here means that it is ‘lighter but stronger’ than most other barrier films in its class.


In fact we often see that this material is at least 30% lighter than competitor or legacy products whilst demonstrating performance characteristics that are more efficient and overall perform better in the long term.


The manufacturing techniques used here give these products impressive green credentials. Aluminium usage is kept to a minimum. Thus reducing our carbon footprint at the same or less overall cost to the end user.


We think these products are changing the value equation in the industrial packaging and export packaging sectors. 


We are able to cater for client in regulated markets like – 


   Industrial Packaging

   Medical Device Packaging

    Long Term Storage Packaging

    Electronics Packaging

   Foods and Dried Products

   Animal Health and Nutrition

   Sea Shipping

  Export Packaging


Our core range of materials all contain aluminium foil laminates that are approved to MIL PRF 131 J, DEF STAN 81/75, DIN 55 as well as current EU, BIR and FDA regulations. 


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