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The Audion® Futura Heat Sealer is a Bag Sealer Machine perfect for projects that require a reliable sealer for mid volume bag sealing. This 150B model works very well with barrier and multi layered laminate materials Secure Ordering. Fast Delivery.

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This Audion Futura Heat Sealer (150B) is perfect for the sealing of paper and aluminium laminates. 


It is a ‘best in class’ product from a market leading brand.


For those who require a hand held heat sealer for low to volume heat sealing. 


This unit is excellent for sealing Mil spec barrier bags as well as most thick paper and foil laminate packaging. 


This heat sealer machine is manufactured in Western Europe by a brand that take build quality and that of its materials very seriously. 


Despite being an entry level heat sealer the reliability and performance is assured. 


The unit features an easy to use analogue control allowing you to adjust the temperature to 3 settings dependent on the packaging being used. 


We recommend you conduct a test seal first to decide on the best setting to achieve optimal seals. 



This unit uses a 150mm jaw width making it suitable for smaller items and products. 


For larger items and volumes of sealing take a look at the Audion Super Cello 300 & 400mm SCT. 


If you are unsure get in touch to discuss your requirements.