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Food Packaging Adhesives used in the industry needs to undergo multiple tests to qualify as a substance that is user friendly.

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It seems regulations for food packaging adhesives are becoming ever more strict as awareness increases around the risk or contamination!  
Food Packaging adhesives are getting a lot of attention from the FDA. At least when compared to other food contact substances. 
Compliance obligations are that of food packaging manufacturers. 
The FDA states three kinds of food additives. Either direct, secondary direct or indirect. 
Adhesives are categorized under indirect specifically as an additive. They have to comply with the FDA regulations under section 175.105 (a) (2).
The FDA are recommending that to comply foil packaging manufacturers should use foil packaging in order to provide a functional barrier in between the contents and the packaging’s outer or inner layer. 
It seems though the FDA has a growing list of requirements. Firstly food packaging adhesives can only be used if the adhesive formula contains a laminated structure and at the same time can be exposed to temperatures of 250°F plus. 
Furthermore they are now mandating migration tests to determine if the adhesive in question can realistically become a part of the foodstuffs. 
Each individual component or ingredient in the adhesive is now analysed to decide its individual regulatory status. 
Its a headache for manufacturers however no one who eats ready meals or convenience food would probably not have a problem with these safety precautions. 
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