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Do you ever get that feeling when your online order comes with too much packaging? That’s because it happens more often than not! Online shopping has become an integral part of our lives and we’re all guilty at one point or another for ordering something without carefully looking through the additional costs. The problem lies within how quickly these products come in boxes designed to force us into buying things we didn’t really need–polythene sheeting, bubble wraps etc., but what do they actually accomplish anyway aside from adding unnecessary weight onto earth’s precious resources?

Flipkart, a Walmart-backed ecommerce company is committed to contributing towards cleaner and greener planet. The major difference you notice when shopping on FlipKart as per their leadership’s efforts are significant changes in Packaging which will lead us into an era of less overpackaging menace that would otherwise harm our environment greatly
“But this could easily change if E–com brand leaders bring about necessary changes,” says study author David Gunawan Darmidianus.

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