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Flexible Packaging And Increasing Demands of Customers

There are many industries in which the specifications of industrial packaging determine the type of packaging material required.

Both specifications and material may depend upon certain regulations about how a product should be packed and transported or the requirements of the end user.

Valdamark has a range of outstanding industrial packaging foils mainly suited for the industries requiring flexible packaging.

These foils not only conform to various international standards but are especially customized to meet the requirements of individual customers as well.

These regulations bind organizations to maintain uniform shipping conditions, which is extremely important in the era where highly sensitive products are manufactured and transported on the large scale. The typical examples are British Defence Standard, US Military Specification and German DIN standard.

All these are recognized across the world as the benchmarks when it comes to export logistics.

Our wide range of foil laminates are perfect for use in most industrial packaging applications. Similarly, we can also provide additional features in the foils according to the requirements of our clients such as exceptional moisture and corrosion prevention features or a powerful long lasting laminate for heavy duty electronic packaging.

We offer best possible flexible packaging solutions to our clients after determining their unique requirements in order to ensure that all of the products reach their destination in perfect condition.

Flexible Packaging for protecting moisture sensitive goods

There have been significant developments in the demands of end users over the years. The common victims of moisture and corrosion are high value mechanical products and precision components. This presents a stiff challenge to the people responsible for their storage and transportation.

End users want to receive their products in optimal condition regardless of the known dangers and hazards during transportation. Sometimes, we have found that it is also important to control moisture and corrosion with the help of silica gel in addition to the primary flexible packaging.

This helps ensure total climatic protection.

We also help our clients with the transportation of temperature sensitive products. We create 10 cm X 10 cm foil pouch with the help of an economical commercial foil which can keep temperature sensitive products safe in temperatures from 2 to 8 degree centigrade for up to four days.

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