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Manufacturers of flexible packaging and roll labels often find it a tough task to fulfil the most complex requirements of its customers in terms of logistics labelling and traceability, for instance in accordance with GS1.

But with C3 ERP/MIS Software of theurer.com, they can now handle such tasks effortlessly with the introduction of their Flexible Packaging Estimator terminals.

Visitors to Halls 6 and 6 A62 of the upcoming Labelexpo 2015 will be able to personally experience these newest innovations of theurer.com.

This year, the company is introducing its newly developed production terminals with roll visualization into the market.

This is expected to simply significantly the tracking, registration and logistic labelling of semi-finished and finished products based on single rolls, pallets and batches.

Flexible packaging manufacturers can even configure the production terminals for special hardware that’s always optimized with unique functions, e.g. for portable forklift terminals or touch-screens.

Together with the electronic machine counters, the software facilitates automatic recording of quantities and production times. It also ensures precise tracking and identification of material usage and the amounts of material as well as the batches and rolls used.

Online Flexible Packaging Estimator

With theurer.com’s C3, online estimation for flexible heat sealer packaging and labels can now be easily integrated into an existing website via a widget. Thus, it becomes ideal for entry-level web-to-print purposes.

This Flexible Packaging Estimator could be operated separately as the primary step with C3.

Flexible packaging manufacturers may also use it for a completely automated end-to-end workflow solution.

The joint “White Paper” of theurer.com with Esko for the Esko Automation Engine is also fuelling a lot of interest. It illustrates the “Best Practice” procedures for a thriving integration from both sides.

These procedures for integration projects have been implemented in an immediately usable and standardized interface. This can be expanded to meet individual, project-centric requirements.

The efficiency of re-runs with changes or new orders can be significantly augmented through the automated cooperation between prepress and administration, which also decreases expenses.

The “White Paper” simplifies joint integration projects to a great extent, which could encourage achieving higher profitability at a quick speed.

For more news about what to expect from Labelexpo 2015 and the Flexible Packaging Estimator, keep an eye on the corporate site.