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The English Vine is a specialist retailer based in Essex that has apparently launched the first paper based bottled wine range. 

Using the Frugal Bottle from Ipswich based Frugalpac the solution is an impressive 5 times lighter than a glass bottle alternative with an 84% reduced carbon footprint. 

Contained within the paper bottle is a food grade, recyclable foil barrier pouch that keeps the wine optimally fresh, sealed and secure during transport or storage. 

Enter Paper Bottle Packaging 

English Vine has set itself the challenge of selling all of it’s wines in non-glass bottles by the year 2026. It would be quite an accomplishment given paper bottles currently form less than 0.5% of the overall market. 

Interestingly a recent survey conducted by Survation found that out of 1700 wine drinkers surveyed over 63% would be happy to buy and drink wine delivered in a paper bottle. 

English Vine Founder Neil Walker thinks packaging is a good place to start in making wine a more eco friendly endeavour. He said ” As winemaker, we have a responsibility to make the right steps towards more environmentally friendly methods of winemaking”.

It is interesting to note that glass bottling is a compulsory requirement in some areas of winemaking but in others which form the majority of the market there is no reason not to change to a paper bottle alternative.

Wine Packaging Preconceptions 

It is true that preconceptions play a big role in how we currently perceive wine packaging in particular. Many consumers will often view non-glass products as of inferior or reduced quality compared to glass packaged bottles. There is however some truth to this perception as in the past inferior wines were often packaged in such a way. 

The new wines from English Vine seek to be of high quality whilst being packaged in a more environmentally friendly way. 

English Vine are rolling our a bottomless wine service this summer in Essex. Keep an eye out their electric wine van on the road. 

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