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At the upcoming FachPack, BERICAP is one of the exhibitors. Known as the global operating manufacturer of closures, the company will display its plastic closures for different markets in hall 6 of the trade fair.

The markets that can use these closures include automobile, chemistry, agro-chemistry, food and pharmacology.

To come up with innovative products, one needs to think innovatively and craft plans that can meet the rising demands on packages. This is especially applicable for the sealing breech, which should not only seal the container (based on the field of application), but also shield the content against product piracy.

At the same time, complying with the high technical demands as requested by the authorities and the government is also required. BERICAP’s innovative products take all these factors into account.

BERICAP Develops DIN-closures

During the past few years, BERICAP has concentrated its efforts to develop a range of DIN closures for plastic canisters successfully. In the field of canisters, BERICAP now covers over 80 % of the closure sizes as its standard sizes on offer include DIN 60, DIN 51/55, DIN 45 and DIN 42.

The company’s newly developed complete range of DIN closures is approved for UN-hazardous substance with reference to various canister suppliers and/or canister types.

To warrant product quality and safety, BERICAP assembles all its closures on assembly machines that use the latest techniques and are 100% automatic and process-controlled.

All sizes of these heat sealer closures, including the childproof versions for DIN 60 and DIN 45, can be customized.

In addition, all of them can also be fitted with a vent diaphragm and/or an ‘ANTI-Glug-System’ that facilitates steady pouring.

BERICAP will also display its SK 42/21 SFB in two variants at this year’s FachPack. This closure is a supplement to the company’s family of DIN closures. It comes equipped with a new variety of slitted strip.

The variant with the bore-seal-system is SK 42/21 SFB Mk, which is fit for light containers and canisters that don’t require UN-hazardous good approval. Another, the SK 42/21 SFB MDS, comes with a foamed PE-seal and is suitable for containers with the appropriate UN-approval.

To know more about BERICAP, visit the corporate site.