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Evergreen Packaging is a world leader in the beverage paperboard package carton manufacturing industry. It has recently announced the winners of its Sustainability Leadership Scholarship Program.

Six students throughout the country were selected for their magnificent dedication and community leadership. Each of these six winners will be given a scholarship along with Evergreen awarding $4,000 in grants. The scholarship program was meant for high school and college students whose parents or guardians are employees of the US-based Evergreen Packaging.

The eligibility criteria also demanded that only those students who showed sustainability leadership in their community or school were allowed to participate.

The Student Sustainability Leadership Scholarship program was stated as part of Evergreen Packaging’s commitment to construct a sustainable business and encourage sustainable communities. To focus on sustainability, the company promotes community engagement that involves economic, social, financial and environmental considerations.

What Evergreen Packaging’s Scholarship Program Aims to Do

Evergreen Packaging’s CEO and President – John Rooney said that the company’s key focus was to promote a positive future for the planet and its people. He said they believe that encouraging the youth to perform great things in their communities was critical to achieve that goal and this is what their scholarship program aims to do. He added further that whether these young people were volunteering with the elderly or putting their effort to create community gardens, they were playing an important role in making a positive impact in their locality.

Evergreen Packaging’s scholarship program chose six students from across the country for displaying exceptional community leadership and dedication.

At the college level, Maria Roufaeil from Olmsted Falls, Ohio won the first place. Roufaeil leaded work on her college’s Memory Garden. She assisted in writing a grant proposal for the garden and also designed and donated to the building of the space.

Hayden Bailey from Athens, Georgia came second. Bailey supervised several gardens in her community that supply fresh produce for food pantries throughout Athens. The award for the third place went to Kylie Upthegrove from Turlock, California. Upthegrove was part of a month-long research project and studied metal pollutes in Montana waterways, and how they may be infecting the local wildlife.

Among high school students, Memphis-based Srilakshmi Velrajan won the first place. Velrajan was extremely involved in the school’s biological garden, and the farm-to-fork fellowship at a local park – developing environmental awareness in Memphis. At the second place was Kaya Griffin from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. She gave back to her community by volunteering in a court as a teen “jury” member. Korey Huskonen from Olmsted Falls, Ohio came third. He led his school’s “Here’s to your future” project, helping fellow pupils navigate the college application process and interact with working professionals.

To read more about Evergreen Packaging’s scholarship program and heat sealers please visit our corporate site.