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ETMA (European Tube Manufacturers Association) is a group of leading tube manufacturers in Europe. During its conference this year, this association declared the winners of the “Tube of the Year 2015”. The categories for this award in 2015 were Plastic Tube, Aluminium Tube, Laminate Tube and Prototypes.

When asked to comment about the main essence of the competition, Gregor Spengler, the ETMA Secretary General, mentioned that the competition is all about the demonstration of innovation, creativity and capability of all the organizations that belong to the European tube industry. He added further that it provides significant motivation for the tube’s further development and paving the way for its acceptance in the market place as a packaging material.

Winners Declared by ETMA

There was a tough competition among all the nominees across various categories. A tube from Tubex, which was designed for Buly 1803, won in the category of Aluminium Tube. In the category of Laminate tube, a Polyfoil tube was announced the winner. This tube came equipped with a twist-and-use applicator which adds to its usability.

Interestingly, there were two winners in the Plastic Tube category. Albéa of France impressed the jury with its tubes for Sublim BB eye cream and Marionnaud Hydra. The company’s application system uses a special sponge pad, crafted from a material with a long shelf-life. This ensures smooth, precise and easy application apart from comfortable handling.

The tubes displayed a special, airtight spike in the cap, which prevents accidental escape of the contents.

CTL Packaging, the French manufacturer of tubes, was the other winner in the Plastic Tube category. They won the title for Candalie’s Spa Object tube. The product got its winner’s title due to its sustainability and the environmental aspects. CTL Packaging also managed to bag the award for prototypes. They had manufactured a few tubes that were designed with special holographic effects, using the in-mould-labelling production technology.

Overall, the administrators and organizers of this award show were satisfied with the nominations and the winners. According to ETMA’s Secretary General, the tubes that won the competition displayed the perfect combination of design and utility, ensuring maximum possible ease of use for the users. They also displayed an alternative, eco-friendly and sustainable form of packaging.

To read more about ETMA, you can visit the SFC corporate site.