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Estée Lauder Companies take corporate citizenship to the next level with their new Environmental, Social & Governance targets for 2025. Responsible Sourcing, Packaging & Social Initiatives are key!


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Today the Estée Lauder group of companies have announced their priority Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance goals.


The targets were set by the Estée Lauder Companies CEO Fabrizio Freda who stated the goals intended to maintain the companies lead role in responsible corporate citizenship. 


He commented on the awareness that consumers now have when it comes to brands & companies that have purpose and demonstrate responsibility. Indeed Estée Lauder does have impressive credentials when it comes to giving back and improving the places where they conduct their work. Freda now wants to take this to the next level. 


Their ESG goals are now being accelerated and new targets are being incorporated into Estée’s current strategy and business operations. 


The company went on further to say that brands like Avenda, M-A-C and origins have led the way in sustainability over the years. They have delivered meaningful results to not just consumer but all stakeholders including the brands direct employees as well as the communities they source raw materials from. 


The company has an organisation wide ESG policy with the goal of a more sustainable business model that ultimately helps the planet. It;s impressive to see that Estée Lauder have the intention to create sustainability principles and social purpose, long term in every area of the business. 


Today”s new ESG goals announced were:


A commitment to responsible sourcing!


  • By 2025 Identify sensitive ingredient supply chains and develop a strong biodiversity and social action plan. 
  • Certify palm based ingredients and their derivatives sustainable by 2025.




  • Intend to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2020.




  • Make 75-100% of Bulk packaging for Beauty Products recyclable by 2025.
  • Increase the amount of refillable and reusable packaging pouches whilst increasing the amount of consumer recycled material by 50%
  • Use sustainable packaging like responsible sourced paper as opposed to energy intensive products like foil packaging and glassware products.  


Transparency of Ingredients 


  • Creation of a terms glossary for key ingredients. Featuring descriptions and intended uses. To be made available online by 2025.


Employee Safety & Education


  • By 2020 all employees will be able to access training programs on sustainability and social impact initiatives. 
  • Decrease the total ‘incident’ rate further by becoming world leaders in health and safety awareness.


Social Initiatives & Employee Voices


  • Impact the lives of 10 million people through social initiatives, heath and environmental programs around the world.
  • Engage 50% of the workforce by 2025 in local or regional volunteer programs.