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Label Kingdom is a packaging and label solution provider based in Chennai, India. Along with packaging rigid boxes, folding cartons and corrugated shipping cartons, it also specialises in the garment segment, serving global clients and brands.

The company has recently finished the installation of Esko’s packaging software and Kongsberg V20 sample maker.

KV Prasad – Label Kingdom’s M.D, shared his thoughts on the installation of Esko’s packaging software. He said they firmly believe Esko’s solution to help Label Kingdom produce excellent end results and improve efficiency levels.

It’ll also help in identifying errors at an early stage and avoiding them as they plan the packaging process, he added. According to him, all these will be possible due to the tools, which are integral to the Esko Solution. These tools follow standards fixed by international bodies like ECMA and are reasonably faster than most other designing tools.

Label Kingdom Eyes Business Expansion with Esko’s Packaging Software

Kongsberg V20 works on components with size 1700×1300 mm and comes with a camera system. The camera system ensures print-to-cut registration, even with materials that are print-distorted.

Prasad said that Esko Solutions will help Label Kingdom in sample creation as well. In the domain of packaging, every company invariably faces difficulties, both with respect to the design and the finishing stage.

These in turn trigger a lot of material wastage and loss of press time at the printing stage. At times, it may even make the customer reject the completed jobs. With the samples from Kongsberg V20, which uses the actual board that Label Kingdom requires to print, all problem areas related to the design can be understood and corrected before final production begins.

This way, errors are significantly reduced, thereby bringing down the wastage and improving the company’s production efficiency, said Prasad.

Label Kingdom believes that packaging industry in India is set for growth. Continuous launches of new customer products such as electronic gadgets and smart phones, amongst other things, are the main driving force behind this trend.

The company looks forward to benefit from this growing market with its adoption of state-of-the-art solutions and technologies such as the packaging software from Esko that it has recently installed.

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