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Esd Anti Static Bags

Valdamark supply Esd Anti Static Bags to a cross section of industries looking to protect their electronic goods from electro static discharge build up.

These bags all perform to the long established ‘Faraday Cage’ principle. This is where a material that is able to conduct electricity like Aluminium or Polyethylene is used to keep out static external to the bag.

We supply both metallised and polythene constructions as well. Both are translucent and allow whoever is handling them to inspect the contents easily.

How do Esd Anti Static Bags work?

The Top Shield anti-static bag design offers a superior performance to competitive products. The cutting edge design means that not only do the ESD bags demonstrate optimal electro static discharge protection but as well as this robust materials that can cope with the rough handling that happens all too often in the global supply chain.

Both the pink anti-static and metallised anti-static designs are available as either re-sealable or heat seal designs. The latter gives optimal protection as when used with one of our portable hand sealers optimal sealing welds create the best environment for both the Faraday cage and the barrier properties to function.

Resealable bags are ideal when heat sealing packaging is just not an option due to conditions and/or location. The zip lock bag format mimic’s the performance of a heat seal. They are suitable for most applications but it must be said the seal is not ‘hermitic’ like a heat weld. This simply means that the moisture vapour transmission rate of Zip Lock bags may not be sufficient for projects that require the moisture or corrosion prevention features.

These bags are used a variety of industries and are renowned for their market leading performance features. Clients are often those transporting sensitive electrical goods or components for high volume shipping. They can be used in clean rooms as well on production lines and in distribution hubs.

All are transparent and come with their own printed ESD warning labels, so no need for additional purchases here.

For more information on Esd Anti Static Bags please and impulse heat sealers visit our partner’s website.