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What Is Eco friendly Packaging And How Beneficial is it?

More and more organizations are adopting environmental friendly packaging in their buying habits.

In this regard, packaging has become a big issue for people who are concerned about the environment protection. It is not surprising to note that packaging contributes a lot to the non industrial waste in United States and that of the developed world for that matter.

Although it is impossible at present to source packaging that is 100% environmentally neutral you can at least buy items which come with impressive environmental credentials like biodegradability.

Recycled Content:

The popularity of eco friendly packaging made up of recycled content is constantly on the rise. An increasing number of companies are using this type of eco friendly packaging for their products regardless of the cost implications.

By buying such products, you can also motivate other companies to follow suit. Not to mention the brand image you present to your clients is one that cares about the impact your operation has.

It is also pertinent to note that products with phrases like “post-consumer content” or recycled content are more likely to be eco friendly as compared to those with phrases like eco friendly or Earth Smart.

That with ‘post-consumer content’ means genuine recycled. Whether this is abiding by laws of the region/country or a code of conduct it means there is a strict procedure in place.

Always ask to see the credentials and any certificates of conformance, but this is a good place to start to source genuine ‘environmentally friendly’ packaging.

Often badges like Earth smart or eco friendly are self certified and not as clean as they may imply.

Reusable Packing:

Heavy packaging is necessary in some situations such as transportation of sensitive machinery from one place to another.

You must look for parts of packaging that are reusable if you have to buy a product that comes with a lot of packaging. For instance, you can reuse the large boxes you used to ship your furniture.

Similarly, you can use glass bottles for refills and bulk product boxes for organizing your home.

These are simple examples but often high volumes which mean the biggest cost to both the company and the environment.

Many organisations see

Eco Friendly Packaging

Recyclable packaging is the best example of Eco friendly packaging because you can reuse it instead of throwing it in the waste stream.

Recycling of packaging material helps in reducing emissions, conserving resources, saving energy, preventing pollution and reducing landfills. Your local waste management center will be in the best position to determine which items are recyclable and which not.

Minimum Packaging:

There are the products which have limited or no packaging at all.

At Valdamark we think these are the most Eco friendly packaging options to choose from.

For instance, you can place your vegetables in the basket instead of plastic bags which you simply throw away.

Similarly, it is also a good practice to buy products which are packed together.

This of course is mainly an advantage for high volume retail and consumer goods. In fact most supermarket chains have made these approaches standard across their product lines.

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