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Drupa 2019 will focus on new interdisciplinary approach to projects in print & packaging. Areas of focus include 3D Printing & packaging for medical devices.


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The Packaging Industry gets ready for Drupa 2019.
The Drupa Trade Fair is the leading global trade fair for packaging, print and multi channel solutions. 
It is being held this year in Dusseldorf, Germany from May 31st to June 10th. 
Featuring this year will be the Drupa Cube, a new introduction to the conference program that will look to bring print & packaging professionals closer together with their marketing  branding counterparts.
The Drupa cube will include various packaging & print applications for a variety of industries and applications including mil spec packaging for defence contractors. 
What does the Packaging Industry gain from Drupa 2019?
There will be a variety of new technologies on display. These will include the likes of 3D printing, printed electronics as well as new digital printing techniques to fulfill multi channel projects and application. 
This years Drupa will clearly be putting emphasis on the remarkable potential of these new technologies. 
With it being an interdisciplinary approach the program will also focus on how to improve collaboration between the P & P professionals and the marketing & brand representatives both in house and in creative agencies. 
Previous Drupa conferences have been organised by sector and target groups. This year will differ as it will be based on 6 key themes. These will be – 
Print, multichannel, packaging manufacturers, 3D printing, green printing, laminated packaging & functional printing. 
Each theme will get its own presentation slows and will be mostly about sharing best practices & case studies to improve outcomes through communication. 
Some of the topics being explored will be 3D printing and sustainability as well as packaging manufacture and functional printing. 
It is hoped the approach will broaden the horizons of those involved in packaging & print encouraging them think ‘outside the box’ when it comes to new projects and the processes involved. 
This will also be the first time vertical markets will be addresses inncluding bulk packaging for medical devices, food, cosmetics and other healthcare & pharmaceutical sectors.