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Check out this Drugget Floor Covering for parties and events. The protective cover material is 100% waterproof and very durable. Temporary floor covering for events.


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Check out this Drugget Floor Covering for parties and events. 


The material is 100% waterproof and very durable considering it is a relatively thin at just over 100 GSM with an 8 x 8 cross weave. 


Do you require temporary event flooring or an underlay product to be used by catering services. This could be the solution for you. 


These rolls are remarkably versatile and keep proving themselves as a ‘go to’ product for those who want a flexible, waterproof and cost effecting solution at parties or events. 


They can be used in conjunction with other event floor covering solutions or as a standalone product. This material is favored by those who work in kitchen and catering environments as it can be transported to site locations without difficulty. 


You can use this product as one layer of protection as it is durable enough to withstand foot traffic as well as the spills and impacts which inevitably occur. 


When compared to modern textiles and fabrics drugget floor covering still proves itself strong and hard wearing for a variety of domestic and commercial applications. 


Indeed this product is continually discovering new uses for itself. 


As a general purpose protective cover these rolls are great!


The rolls come pre cut in 1.83 mtr x 200 mtr lengths so you have the material in abundance. This means you can easily cover large floor spaces and areas with just one roll. 


Using Drugget Floor Covering Rolls

Most of the time this product is used by professionals and trades people for a variety of commercial applications. 


Primarily it is used as Floor covering for parties or floor covering for events in general. 


Export Packaging companies can also used these rolls for export case lining. 


Its easy to cut with a kraft knife and if often a much more cost effective solution per M2 than rubber and matted alternatives.  


For Valdamark this is standard product available from stock. We offer market leading discounts for bulk orders.