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SaniSorb® Powder | Liquid Solidifying Packet | Various Sizes

SaniSorb® Powder pouches are market leading liquid solidifier powder pouches for the safe absorbtion and immobilazation of liquid biohazardous waste.



SaniSorb Powder is a liquid solidifier powder pouch that is ideal for use with medical waste and other biohazard fluids.

SaniSorb Powder offers a fast and simple solution to clinical and medical waste disposal in healthcare environments. Multisorb SaniSorb pouches feature a innovative self bursting technology that dissolve upon contact with liquid to quickly and safely absorb them within minutes.

Perfect for use with  surgical suction devices as well as red bag medical waste SaniSorb will immobilise these biohazardous materials.

Why SaniSorb Powder for Liquid Biohazardous Waste Disposal

  • SaniSorb pouches are a cost effective solution that are pre measured to eliminate the tearing and spillage issue that come with traditional solidifiers for medical waste.
  • The self activating, self bursting technology dramatically reduces particle and bacteria exposure, elminating harmful dusts.
  • SaniSorb required limited exposure and so reduces the risk of cross contamination of the medical waste for medical professionals.
  • Strong, robust packaging with convenient  deisgn and profile.



Available stock sizes include –

02-01592CG04 – SaniSorb® 1.0 Gram 1500 pcs per box

02-01592CG05 – SaniSorb® 2.5 Gram 500 pcs per box

02-01592CG03 – SaniSorb® 5.0 Gram 100 pcs per box

02-01592CG11 – SaniSorb® 7.5 Gram 260 pcs per box

02-01592CG02 – SaniSorb® 15.0 Gram 600 pcs per box


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