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DriMop® | Liquid Absorbent Pouch | Various Sizes

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DriMop® Liquid Absorbent Pouches are a fast, effective solution for protecting shipments and those handling them from leaks and spillage.



DriMop liquid absorbent pouches are a ‘best in class’ product that can quickly and safely absorb up to 400 it’s own net weight in liquid solutions

DriMop utilises an innovative self bursting packaging technology that allows for rapid action, in addition this liquid absorbent pouch can absorb up to 400 times it’s own weight in aqueous environments. Dri Mop can be delivered in both pouches and Dri Mop laminate (solidifying laminate paper).

These liquid absorber pouches can be dropped in to the container. Either in pouch or sheet form they are the ideal solution for asset protection type work where aqueous leaks during transport or storage need to be taken care of quickly.

Why DriMop Liquid Absorbent Pouches

Innovative design – These smart pouches burst open when contacted with a range of liquids to quickly absorb and immobilise them. Solid materials can be easily contained within an outer shipping container or foil bag. This means safer handling.

Wide range of sizes – Standard sizes ara available in 0.5, 1.5 & 5.0 grm. Custom sizes and deliveries can be produced for automatic dispensing platforms.

Ideal for use in medical environments – the most common application is medical shipping containers, laboratory sample bags, biohazard specimen bags and those used by the likes of specimen and biological sample courier services.

Paper available – Dri Mop® can be supplied in paper format as well. The solidifying, laminated paper is bonded to the DriMop powder formula. This versatile format offers the same protection as with the regular DriMop liquid absorbent pouches but benefits areas where space is at a premium. DriMop laminate paper allows for optimal fluid control in almost any sizse or shape enclosure.

Applications for DriMop®

  • Testing Kits
  • Blue Clinical Waste Bags
  • Red Medical Waste Bags
  • Lab Specimen Containers

Available stock sizes

02-01083CG17 Dri Mop® 0.50grm (PVOH) 1500/Box

02-01083CG19 Dri Mop® 1.50grm (PVOH) 1500/Box

02-01083CG20 Dri Mop® 5.00grm (PVOH) 1500/Box

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