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The ministry of Health of Cyprus is preparing a bill to revise the anti smoking law. According to Adamos Adamou, a member of the House health committee, the bill must be implemented by May 2016.

Adamou said that they are eagerly waiting to vote for the new legislation.

The law bans products that have a featured aroma or taste like the ones that smell or taste like chocolate or fruits. This is applicable for cigarette paper and filters as well. This new law won’t allow additional ingredients like caffeine or those that give the idea of added health like vitamins.

Will the new anti smoking law be Successful in Reducing Smoking Rate?

Studies have revealed that in cigarette packaging, usage of certain words like ‘light’, ‘low-tar’, ‘mild’, ‘ultra-light’, ‘organic’, ‘natural’, ‘without flavours’, ‘without additives’ or certain names and pictures could mislead customers, especially young people.

Such tobacco products and cigarette packaging could also mislead customers by promoting a wide variety of other benefits like sex appeal, weight loss, social life, social status or qualities such as masculinity, femininity or elegance. However, cigarillos, cigar and pipes will be exempted from the new law.

According to the anti smoking law, the labelling needs to match the latest scientific development. Cigarette packaging used earlier was misleading to the customers. This was because the indication of the emission levels of nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide on the packets made customers believe that certain brands were less injurious than others.

The new law will extend the external display area on cigarette packaging to 65%, which is a significant increase from the earlier 30%. Pictures, illustrating the danger of passive smoking and health impact on smokers, will also be added.

In addition to these, information about injurious substances in cigarettes and the ways to stop smoking will also need to be displayed.

Australia has made this kind of cigarette packaging with gruesome images and directives compulsory since 2012. Australian statistics prove that smoking rates have declined since then though it can’t be said with certainty that the packaging triggered this trend.

The nation has implemented a comprehensive plan for restricting tobacco use over time, which made smoking rates to decline steadily. Regulating cigarette packaging was just the latest measure. Nevertheless, studies showed that unattractive cigarette packaging is indeed effective in bringing down the rate of smoking.

When asked about this impending anti smoking law in Cyprus, people shared different views. One said that it would help those smokers who actually want to leave the habit as it will serve as an everyday reminder to them about the health hazards. Another said that it is a positive initiative by the government to stop

smoking. However, some still believe that it’s not for the state to take this decision about who should smoke. To read such interesting packaging news and anti smoking law information, browse valdamark corporate site.