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Berlin’s Original Unpackaged starts trading. This zero-waste grocery store is a crowdfunding success. Aiming to give an eco-friendly shopping experience.

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This Zero waste grocery store in Berlin will please the eco-conscious shoppers. They do not use any plastic bags or  consumable packaging in general for that matter. 


The name of this store is Original Unverpackt ( Original Unpackaged ). Its founders Milena Glimbovski and Sara Wolf have made their dream a reality with the store continuing to grow it’s loyal customer base in 2018. 


This is quite a unique approach to sustainable shopping. At least as far as the ‘no packaging’ approach goes. 


The shelves are stocked with bulk bags in bins that dispense the desired amount of the foodstuff. There are over 350 choices in the store at the last count. 


The diverse choice means shoppers will not be leaving short of ingredients. Fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, grains, liquids and even shampoo are all available. 


For the cosmetic options shoppers can either borrow OU’s refillable containers or bring their own along. 


You get charged by weight similar to the used cloths stores you may have seen popping up. 


This seems to be the preferred model for many consumers as they know they are only buying what they will use. Instead of overspending and buying in produce that may end up being discarded in the bin. 


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