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EcoSol is biodegradable, water soluble, polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) film, ideally suited for diverse packaging applications. Water soluble pouches or sachets and PVOH bags are manufactured from this technologically advanced, unique film.

EcoSol provides a safe, convenient and economical delivery system for a vast range of products. This includes degreasers, VCI Bags, Corrosion Inhibitors, cleaners, biocides, pigments, agricultural products, water treatment products and much more.

EcoSol film has tremendous biological solvent resistance that enables its bags and pouches to be used for dry powders as well liquid products. This film comes with some good mechanical characteristics such as tear strength, tensile strength and puncture strength. These properties make it fit for use in an extensive array of rigorous applications.

EcoSol Launched by Cortec will Benefit Packaging Applications

With the introduction of EcoSol, Cortec has expanded its rich line of biodegradable products. This environmentally protected film dissolves into water, when immersed at a certain temperature for a couple of minutes, leaving a non-toxic, harmless, aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH).

When the PVOH comes into contact with common microorganisms found in water treatment plants, it converts to water and carbon dioxide. This conversion takes about 30 days to be completed.

Bags made of this film are chemically resistant to vegetable, mineral, animal oils and aliphatic hydrocarbons such as esters, ethers and ketones. This film can also be utilized for packaging of pigments, cleaners and detergents, biocides, water treatment products, soil remediation, agricultural products, cosmetic industry, bathing products and laundry bags for hospitals.

EcoSol bags took part in the “green” initiative organized by Wright Patterson Air Force Base where all products and processes were examined for their environmental impact. Cortec chose to change the applications for heating and cooling systems to go “green” and offer its clients safer substitutes.

Two of its products – Cooling Loop Gator and Boiler Lizard wrapped in EcoSol bags were found to be reliable, clean and environmentally safe, apart from displaying exemplary corrosion protection properties.

EcoSol’s mechanical properties meet the norms of ASTM D 882-02 for Elongation, Braking factor, Yield Strength and Tensile Strength of break. Its Dart Drop Impact resistance is examined as per ASTM D 1709-04 while its Tear Strength is assessed according to ASTM D 1922-06a.

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