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Valdamark supply a comprehensive range of Cortec VPCI 126 bags, shrink film, tubing & emitters from stock. Order online or get in touch.

VpCI 126 utilised the world renowned, market leading Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor technology. These high performance VCI Bags provide metal based products with outstanding, long term corrosion and rust protection. 

Cortec VpCI 126 will handle all the usual corrosion culprits that plague goods in transit, including rust, marine air, oxidation and even sweat for a period of up to 5 years. Ideally VpCI film and bags are used when hermitically sealed using one of our impulse heat sealer machines. This creates optimal welds and seal quality which ensure your valuable products are protected into the long term. 

VpCI 126 supersedes conventional rust protection solutions like Desiccant and oil based products. No degreasing or coating removal is necessary. 

In addition to these impressive performance characteristics VpCI 126 is also transparent allowing for easy goods inspection. 

It also displays impressive environmental credentials being amines, Phosphates and halogens free. Cortec Films are also 100% recyclable and non-toxic making them safe for human handling. 

VpCI 126 is available as standard zip lock  PE bags but can also be converted into a variety of shapes and sizes including gusset bags, octabin liners, 3D box bags and custom sheets to name a few. 

Cortec VpCI Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors for Sensitive Goods

VpCI Blue film utilises an advanced corrosion inhibitor formula. This resin combined with premium PE raw material gives you a best in class VCI packaging solution capable of protecting your sensitive metal goods into the long term. 

Once within a packaging enclosure the VpCI formula essentially evaporates from the carrier and condenses onto the surface of the nearby part. This sophisticated mechanism of action is perfect when working with parts and machinery that contain hard to reach areas or void/inner spaces. 

VpCI is a system that beats competitor offerings in all comparable environmental conditions. Perfect for protecting sensitive goods travelling through complicated supply chains it continues to work during transport or storage. 

Export packaging is a common use for VpCI either for goods travelling domestically or overseas as it essentially makes defect product and damage claims due to rust a thing of the past. 

Cortec VpCI 126 has been tested and certified by a world renowned sustainability institution with regards to its efficient recycling and disposal. These impressive credentials extend to all Cortec VCI corrosion inhibitor films as you would expect from a company that keeps environmental sustainability at the core of what it does. 

Cortec Eco Logo

VpCI 126 contains a minimum of 20% recycled content, whilst the ability to fully recycle each and every Corte film product enhances your brands environmental commitments even further. 

No other legacy VCI packaging products are as environmentally friendly or sustainable as Cortec’s. 

Cortec VpCI 126 to Protect Metals From Rust

126 is compatible with a variety of metals including – 

  • Aluminium
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Steel (Carbon)
  • Silicone Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper & Brass
  • Cast Iron

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