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Cooper Atkins

Valdamark Direct are approved distributors of the Cooper Atkins range of temperature, time and humidity instruments.

The Cooper Atkins ® brand was established in 1885 following the invention of the world’s first bi metal thermometer by David G Cooper.

Since these humble beginnings over 125 years ago the company has grown steadily and expanded into a diverse set of product lines that cater for both consumer and industrial markets.

This includes thermometer probes for use in kitchens and food environments as well as a comprehensive range of infrared thermometer guns and digital thermometer pens for use in both commercial and industrial environments.

Stock products include the DPP800W pocket test thermometer as well as the fast response waterproof DPP400W version. The most popular unit however is the DFP450W unit which is the perfect option for food service and catering environments.

For clients that require both a probe thermometer and an infrared sensor in one device we also stock the dual temp 480 model, which incorporated both functions.

Also available from stock are the single function 412 infrared thermometer guns which have excellent range and are perfect for measuring food surfaces at a distance.

As well as these core products more recent innovations like the Notifye™ wireless data loggers and Temptrak™ are changing the way temperature monitoring takes place throughout the supply chain.

These market leading designs are both innovative and practical manufactured to exacting Cooper Atkins standards. All products naturally come with the famous ‘accurate for life’ guarantee.

This gives clients the kind of quality assurance that stands Cooper apart from their competition.

Its means that the product will continue to measure accurately indefinitely without the need for calibration or adjustment. It’s both a reassurance to the client and a faith in the quality of the product itself.

For more information on Cooper Atkins or any other temperature measurement and thermometer products please visit our heat sealers site.