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All atypical packaging may not be successful as they make consumers scrutinize product claims more strictly. #research #packaging

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This is an interesting one!


Published in the ‘food quality and preference’ journal.


A team of scientists at the VU University and Amsterdam School of Communication have recently discovered that unusual or Atypical Packaging can increase the attention span of consumers.


Basically funky packaging bags makes you stop and stare!


According to the team of researchers this type of packaging will make you scrutinize the product claims and information more than that of plain or legacy packaging. 


If the product is expensive the customer is not as eager to spend money on something that makes dubious claims. It works the other way too! So if a inexpensive product makes grand claims the customer will give it more scrutiny and is likely to be more suspicious. 


The researchers found there was a strong link between the claims made on a product and whether or not it had atypical packaging. 


However the study points out that atypical packaging may not always be the recipe for success. 


The researchers used a ketchup bottle as a point of study to 102 students. The strong claims combined with atypical & stylish packaging did not result in an increased eagerness to pay the premium price. In fact it led to them considering the product claims for longer and being becoming more skeptical.


This was not the finding the team expected.  


What they did find is that Perception is Key.


Atypical or unusual design did increase perception of quality. Weak had little to no impact on this. 


Visual look and appeal was also found to be significant. 



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