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The fast and furious dismissal of straws by food service and consumers in 2018 was only the beginning of the end for single-use plastic packaging, which analysts with Euromonitor International predict will accelerate in 2019.

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It seems that brands have got the message on single use plastic straws in 2018. 
Listening to the voices of consumers they have dismissed these and some other plastic food disposables in lightning quick time. 
It would seem to be the beginning off the end for disposable plastic packaging. The analysts Euromonitor International predict this packaging revolution will continue to gain momentum in 2019. 
It seems consumers and multi national brands alike have become very conscious of plastic packaging and its implications for ours and the planets health. 
In fact about 63% of packaging worldwide is accounted for by the ‘ubiquitous plastic packaging’. This proportion made up by everything from pet food to home care, food and beauty products. 
This new found awareness has led to Euromonitor including it in their Top 10 Global Consumer Trends analysis released this month. 
It says that consumers are becoming increasingly uncomfortable using plastics in general and that they do not rely on the claim from local authorities that the plastic packaging ‘may’ be recycled. In other words most consumers no know that plastic recycling levels are far from optimal despite brands becoming more conscious of it. 
Another big story of 2018 that has shifted public opinion is Chinas decision last year to refuse to accept any more plastic waste from the West for processing. According to Euromonitor this further damages the general claim that plastic packaging recycling is ‘happening’.
 Several food and beverage Packaging Companies 
have responded to consumer demand by seeking alternative Eco Packaging Materials. Even global giants like Nestlé have announced that it is to commit to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by the year 2025. 
The main emphasis as with all these initiatives is to reduce plastic waste!