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A large number of states and cities still have a negative view of Marijuana. Enter POTHEADS. This innovative product packaging line is a brand new concept created by Tommy Truong with the single purpose of destigmatising cannabis use and it’s users. 

People who smoke pot are naturally known as ‘POTHEADS’, the packaging graphics are a visual play on words featuring an image of a pot with the ‘heads’ wording. 

When handling the packaging you can tell it has been worked well and is aesthetically pleasing, the illustrations are quite intricate and easy on the eye resulting in an clever and artfully created product. 

The growing legal market that has emerged in recent years has progressively made marijuana use more popular. 

POTHEADS aims to further still reduce the negative connotations that come with cannabis use by using a quite unique flavour of humour. Taking inspiration from the drinking culture POTHEADS encourages users not to take things too seriously and just enjoy the experience. 

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