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KeCo Food Stuff Packaging is launching a new ‘StrEAT’ line of 100% recyclable & biodegradable kraft paper disposable packaging.

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We love disposable packaging!


Check out this new range of recyclable & biodegradable Kraft paper packaging. 


The Kraft material is produced in the United Kingdom and is even FCS accredited. 


There are 7 products in total including boxes, scoops, trays, tubes & cylinders. 


It is produced by KeCo Foodservice. A marketing representative here has confirmed that ‘customers cannot get enough of eating on the go’. In fact it is estimated that the ‘food to go’ market will be worth a whopping £23.5 bn by 2022.


This is a huge increase from yesteryear. It was valued at just £9 billion in 2002. 


KeCo have a ‘StrEAT’ range of food packaging which is significantly cheaper than foil bags wholesale that can cost double or treble the price. 


These new products are easy to use, durable, cost effective & can be disposed of easily. As mentioned they are also biodegradable which makes them ideal for catering to the needs of high volume food service markets. 


I think the StrEAT range has some impressive attributes including the environmental credentials. It is good to see KeCo addressing the environmental impact of of our ‘throw away’ culture. 


As we know single use packaging is the scourge of our time. The impact on our planet cannot be underestimated. 


It’s good to see environmentally friendly concepts & new product packaging innovations.